Client: Pembroke Hill

TelePlus Solutions provided Pembroke Hill with an audit of telecom billings and helped to identify numerous ways to reduce costs without impacting systems. Also provided back-up documents to verify the savings.

From The Client

“TelePlus Solutions provided Pembroke Hill with an audit of our telecom billings and helped us identify numerous ways to reduce our costs without impacting our systems. My initial fear was that the process would take a considerable amount of time of my or our staff’s time; however, TelePlus Solutions made the process easy, including making copies of our invoices.

There was no cost to us for their work, aside from sharing the realized savings with the TelePlus Solutions. They provided back-up documents that made it easy for us to verify the savings, which proved to be much larger than I had anticipated.

Pembroke Hill is pleased with the performance we experienced from TelePlus Solutions and recommend their services to anyone looking for experts to review their telecom costs. Feel free to contact me should you want to discuss our experiences in more detail.


James Miller